An online women's boutique specializing in hand selected items just for you! We offer a wide variety from brands we love, to customized pieces that are one of a kind. Cosmic Cactus has bloomed based on the love of art, nature, expression & comfort. The goal here at CC is to find the perfect piece for everyone and to simply help you create your own out of this world style!
Are you curious. where the name Cosmic Cactus came from?
Well, it comes from a few key concepts. One the word cosmic in my own personal terms, exemplifies something so extraordinary, something that sometimes cannot be unexplained, and something that is beautifully powerful - out of this world. Two, the word cactus.. which I'm sure some of you are like, why cactus? To me, cactus symbolizes strength, endurance and a thriving nature. I relate cactus to myself in the sense that, although it might be harsh around the edges, like me a cactus endures trials, withstands hardships, but never falters and maintains its beauty and strength. This is something I think maybe we can all relate to on a certain level. The name somewhat just spoke to me. I feel a connection to this brand and business as it is a direct reflection of who I am as an individual. Independent, strong, sometimes indescribable, but always seeing beauty in the world around me.